Set List - Jun 7th 2008
Let's Dance
New Generation
Big Ego
Thorn in my Side
Brain stew
Our World
Tunnel Vision
Battle Cry
California Uber Alles
New Rose
Blitzkreig Bop
Someones Gonna....

A short notice gig, arranged on the Tuesday before, we had an hours practice before travelling from our practice room in Lyneham to Chippenham for the soundcheck. It's nice to play in a spacious area, where I'm not avoiding Mark with my Bass every couple of seconds.

Midriff were first on, at 8pm for there first gig with the new line-up. They played an enjoyable 30 minute set which comprised mainly of covers, but with two originals fitted in. I do hope they write more of their own

Room 101 took the stage at 9.10pm. We thought we'd start with Let's Dance, to try and get the crowd going from the off, then immediately into New Generation As it turned out, we probably could have started with anything. By the end of the set, the majority were dancing, headbanging, clapping and cheering. A first for our brief stint as undiscovered rockstars. After the show, we had numerous comments of "That was F*cking Brilliant man" and someone from Millennium Child was overheard saying "How the f*ck do we follow that?" (Allegedly).  We have also got people trying to get us shows in Bath and Southampton. I think we may well try and play Chippenham again very

Millennium Child hit the stage around 10.15pm and entertained the crowd with their Guns n Roses-esque style of rock and roll. With local music press headlines as " The brightest hope for British rock and roll" they didn't disappoint. Hopefully the contrast of our punk show, and their rock show, we could get together again sometime, and recreate this enjoyable

Thank You to Millennium Child for asking us along, and thank you to everyone that made the evening so much fun.......