Set List - Jun 25th 2011
New Rose
New Generation
Our World
Tunnel Vision
In A Rut
Gonna Die Trying
Battle Cry
Love Song
California Uber Alles
Blitzkreig Bop

Yet another gig, arranged by Nobodys Heroes, which we always look forward to. Expectations for this night were high, and with a few new songs to unleash on the audience, it was going to be a good one......

Ladykiller were first on, at 8.30pm, and quickly got the smallish crowd onside. Hard to describe their style, but entertaining stuff regardless. Hopefully, their studio time will be worthwhile, and look forward to hearing the CD.

Room 101 took the stage at 9.25pm. We thought we'd start with New Rose, to try and get the crowd going from the off. Smaller than last time, the crowd did eventually start to warm to us after a couple of songs. All in all, a reasonable outing, but with a poor soundcheck, it didn't become obvious that the backing vocals were too quiet until it was too late. Roll on the next White Hart gig.

Nobodys Heroes hit the stage around 10.15pm and entertained the crowd with their familiar style of punk rock. The crowd quickly got into the rhythm and it was non stop quality tunes all the way. 

Thank You to Nobodys Heroes for asking us along, and thank you to everyone that made the evening so much fun.......