History (2011 - 2019)

2011 and we have recruited Tim Neale on guitar. If truth be known, I wasn't sure if Tim was right for the job, but I was soon to be proven wrong. He very quickly learnt the songs, and to put the icing on the cake, learnt "Love Song" by The Damned. Mark described him as a “Rabbit in the headlights” guitarist, because he always looked nervous. He also wrote "Gonna Die Trying" which was the first original song in a while, so added a breath of fresh air to the band. We played five gigs in 2011, before personal issues caused Shaggy to lose interest in the band. Tim wrongly though it was because of him, and left. This unfortunately meant that we had to cancel two gigs with Nobody’s Heroes in November and December

2012 was our 25th anniversary year, and Shaggy needed to do one gig for that occasion. It was while watching a band in The Bear in Marlborough, that he got chatting with Robin Dymond, and they got onto the 25th anniversary subject, and needing a guitarist. Robin was only too happy to step in. I can’t remember the band playing that night, but thanks to them, we were in the same pub at the same time. So Shaggy contacted Mark and Ben, and arranged with Trevor Stannard (Landlord) to get the gig at The Bear itself. We had support from The RIOT Romantics, and got Rich Park to guest on the second half of the set.

It proved to be a good year, with seven gigs, including support to Peter and the Test Tube Babies and The Vibrators.

2013 saw us change drummers. Ben was working further away, and we couldn't decide on a practice day that suited us all. Ben also struggled to make practices, so Abe Juggins joined the fold. An average year, 5 gigs, no new songs.

2014 we only played 2 gigs, and for some reason that I can’t remember, Rich was back playing guitar for us. Nothing happened in 2015….!!

2016 saw us play one Halloween gig, with Rob back on guitar. Rich had moved on and joined The Chaos Bros. No new songs.

2017 saw us record the "Thoughtcrime" EP at the Swindon Music Academy, Rob's place of work. We played two gigs in September, then have a load of cancellations due to Abe having a bad shoulder injury. This seems to be a pattern developing.

2018 saw us again change drummers. Abe seemed to have disappeared, so Mark asked Steve Daniels to join. Steve had briefly played guitar for us in 2007 after Norman Smee had left. We bought Steve two really cheap drum kits, and made one reasonable one out of them. We also mixed and released "Thoughtcrime."  

2019 was a good year, 9 gigs and 3 new songs, “Lies” “21GF” and “31”


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